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Now located in downtown Brooklyn, ...steps from the courts!"
Our phone number remains the same: 866-784-2299

24hrs/7 days in all boroughs-State and Federal Courts
Using our over 42 years of combined experience to offer aggressive yet compassionate defense to those accused or under investigation

We have represented clients in every borough, as well as Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Rockland, Orange, and Albany counties, and Federal matters in Florida and Pennsylvania. More importantly we have proven results:

  • Trials: Have achieved acquittals in every borough of New York City
  • Homicides: Only two convictions to murder in the last 9 murder cases handled to completion
  • Felonies: significant majority of acquittals in cases that proceeded to trial
  • Misdemeanors: Have never lost on the top count on any misdemeanor jury trial
  • White Collar: acquittal in the largest theft case in the history of Macy's Department store (New York County Supreme Court) and have handled numerous news worthy identity theft cases, including a recent dismissal in a major case in Brooklyn
  • Domestic Violence: Numerous dismissals and acquittals including acquittal on all 18 counts after trial where a the nanny of a Hollywood celebrity testified against ex-husband and an acquittal on all seven counts where the complainant was an off duty female officer with NYPD
  • Narcotics: numerous acquittals on "buy and bust" cases, "observation Sale" cases, as well as successful challenges to search and Seizures, and search warrants
  • DWI: Never suffered a conviction after trial to the charge of Driving While Intoxicated
  • Grand Jury: 75 % success rate, when presenting defense in the Grand Jury including recent dismissals in weapons possession, drug Possession and assault (i.e. stabbing) cases
  • 2011 was a great year! Acquittals on five out of six cases that went to trial including: an acquittal and dismissal for illegal search and seizure on the two cases tried in Manhattan, and three out of three not guilty verdicts in the cases we tried in Queens!

Epstein & Conroy are...

David B. Epstein attended Michigan State University where he graduated cum laude, he went on to attend law school at George Washington University where

he spent a semester practicing criminal law in the Washington D.C. court system as well as interned with the ACLU, Federal Defenders of Detroit, and Federal Defenders of New Orleans.

Since 1989 he has dedicated himself to the defense of those accused in New York City. Mr. Epstein believes in maintaining close ties to his clients and their families, and believes a successful defense is predicated upon teamwork of the defense team as a united front.

He is skilled in working with Judges and Prosecutors in trying to negotiate a resolution, or when necessary, in aggressively fighting cases- going to trial over 150 times in his legal career.

Gary R. Conroy grew up in Queens, and went on to attend Harvard University on an academic scholarship. After graduating Cum laude from Harvard, Mr. Conroy attended law school at Rutgers University where he was the chairperson of the law school's moot court program.

Since beginning his practice of law in New York in 1990, Mr. Conroy has practiced extensively in the Criminal as well as Family courts of New York City.

Mr. Conroy believes that results are accomplished by hard work, and he never fails to demonstrate his strong work ethic. Notoriously the first lawyer in court each morning, Mr. Conroy dedicates all his energies in achieving the best result for his clients. His aggressive and intelligent tactics have resulted in near universally positive results on the cases he handles. For instance in all of the felony trials he has conducted, Mr. Conroy has only suffered one conviction!

Together, Epstein & Conroy have a proven track record of results. The firm realizes that any criminal charge whether serious or petty can have a very negative effect on a client in the courts, or in their professional or personal life. This is why every case, large or small, is handled with the utmost care by Epstein & Conroy, who do their best to alleviate any negative consequences their client may face.

Call Epstein & Conroy now to discuss your matter, and see for yourself how quickly they put you at ease and we make it easy for you to see us in person. Feel free to make an appointment to see us at one of our three convenient locations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Nassau County.

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